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4 things every future home will have


#1. Car connection to the house


Just like the way people track their cars when they are on the road with someone else, tech houses are going to have a surveillance camera with a record where all the house activities including the compound are going to be recorded so that people can see direct footages from their cars. It has already started by the notification tone that rings on the car when a person approaches and touches the gate. This is good for monitoring the houses properly against any theft cases.

#2. Temperature regulation


Leave alone the indoor air conditioning system that is an outdated technique of controlling the internal environment of the house. The roofing system would be made in such a way in the event there is heat outside, the inside environment regulates the opposite so that people can live conductively. This internal environment regulation in relation to the outside weather is directed towards creating a perfect indoor environment at all times without a lot of hustle.

#3. Phone connection to the house and compound


In the near future, and with the rise in popularity of mid-century modern furniture and interior designs, there would be apps on mobile phones that control the use of lights, radio and other home theaters. These apps would be designed general just like Facebook and Watsap where people would create accounts and manage their home features at all times. People would be controlling their fridges, there TVs and other gadgets from the phone.

#4. Facial recognition software.


So you don’t know who has pressed the alert button on your door at the middle of the night? This software is going to scan every face of the people who come close to your door and send the identification details to you while inside. This is an expensive type of technology but it is worth it because it is needed in buildings that have high quality materials that need protection.

How much does a smart home really cost?


Houses have different prices depending on some factors below. There is no exact price because people have different preferences including the rising trending modern form of architecture.

#1. The type of the house

There are so many noble types of houses that people can have or buy. For people who need two Storey buildings, these are mostly expensive because they need a lot of materials, architectural perfection and high quality materials to ensure that they stand firm and strong. A one Storey building is very strong by itself and simple to build therefore it is a bit cheaper.

#2. Place or location of building

The modern places are mostly expensive because they are already developed with a lot a lot of business opportunities and available social amenities. If you have a nice budget, which exceeds $30000, then you can own a home in the major cities like outskirts of London and other England towns. This price is exclusive of land because land is more expensive. Make sure you have the perfect price of land because it differs from place. Land could again be expensive or cheap depending on the location and the person selling it. For the outskirts of towns and cities, land is more expensive than the rural areas.

#3. The features of the house.

Technology houses are damn expensive because of the complicated and expensive features that they have. Many of which are what we call modern in design, often decorated interiors to match with the trending modern furniture designs.To design and construct a technology house, it needs sufficient land and resources to ensure that it is well designed and constructed. The technology materials that are going to be used are always rare to find, expensive and need a professional to be installed therefore one needs to have the perfect architect for this. For the simple and normal houses, with bedrooms, kitchen and toilet, they are not such expensive compared to the technology houses.

3 ways technology is revolutionizing architecture


#1. Smart geometry


Initially, designing used to be done with papers, rulers and other measurements tools to ensure that there is a perfect house plan before any construction work begins. Today, the use of computers to design has started, people have developed software where you can design and estimate the house cost from scratch. This has made the architect industry to be fine and conducive at all times with a high level of accuracy in resource determination. People can color through animation to ensure that there is enough evidence based plan about everything.

#2. Interactive and responsive Architecture


The designs and plans are not only in picture form, they have been made in form of videos where the house exists without being constructed. Through this, people can make changes, adding or removing features. Initially, people used to break the unwanted parts of a house that were constructed by mistake. This was a waste of resources and time. Today you can make changes to your house by looking at the kinetic pictures.

#3. Automated machinery and robots.


The digital wall fabrication is an invention that many constructors use to improve the quality of the walls. This has been known to improve the quality of the walls and improve their functionality. Robots have been used in the construction of houses where large risky heights need to be constructed.